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Employee satisfaction survey

A roadmap to an excellent employee experience.

Using the Pulser platform, you can easily, quickly and reliably measure the level of employee satisfaction, their engagement, eNPS, ESI and the main motivation factors. Find out how you stand in comparison with other companies in the industry and the best Croatian employers.

Create an ideal work environment with Pulser reports

Get structured information from employees to help answer key questions that contribute to improving HRM, increasing engagement and overall employee satisfaction.

Basic report

Display of the company's results for all claims with the possibility of filtering according to the desired criteria

Comparative report

Historical overview showing the results of all years of the company's participation


Presentation of company results in relation to all companies, top 3 companies and companies by basic and specific activity

Create a better employee experience using Pulser

The leading platform for measuring employee satisfaction

Set the desired parameters and additional questions with the standard set of 74 statements. The questionnaire is easy to solve, online or pen & paper, with the anonymity of the respondents ensured. Automatically generate an unlimited number of reports using various filters and get the most out of Pulser reports.

Win the Best Employer award

All companies that conduct research and meet the criteria are selected for the Best Employer award, which is one of the proofs of excellence in human resources management and a significant benefit to employer branding.

Feel the PULSE of your employees

Track changes in real time through quick PULS surveys that reveal current employee satisfaction in a simple way through 15 selected questions.

Employee engagement is not employee benefits or bonuses, but the feeling of belonging to a successful company

Employee motivation and engagement should be high on management's priority list. Pulser research offers insight into motivation and engagement, and what is important is the information that is used to create the company's strategic goals, builds trust and respect, and that relationship must be mutual.


Income growth for the winner of the Best Employer award


Greater profitability of companies with engaged employees


Greater revenue growth with built culture of the company


Employees would be more committed to work if they were better valued


The manager claims that employee engagement is key to the company's success


Companies that invest in employee satisfaction have greater customer loyalty

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