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The first platform for conducting employee satisfaction surveys in Croatia

18 years

490 companies

60 000 respondents

Benchmark - Comparison of the results of companies in Croatia

The specialty of this research is that it offers a comparison of the results of the participating companies, and what is especially interesting for companies is to see their status in relation to the best companies, companies in their rank, and companies within their industry.

Unfortunately, employee satisfaction is still not high on the list of priorities for many companies, so companies that pay attention to this area are actually giving themselves an advantage and increasing their likelihood of success.

As we see it, prioritizing employee satisfaction is a key move to achieving better company business results: employees get a better experience, the company has happier customers and lower turnover rates, which ultimately results in higher revenue and profits.

Prestigious award and badge Best Employer

At the end of each survey cycle (once a year), all companies participating in the survey have the opportunity to win the Best Employer award, which is one of the proofs of excellence in human resources management. Its value is proven by the fact that winning the award is included as one of KPIs in HR of many companies.

The award ceremony takes place as part of the Lider HR conference in December every year, and the following prizes can be won:

1st, 2nd and 3rd place in categories by company size (large, medium, small)
The best employer within a specific industry (if there are enough registered companies for a specific/your industry)
Best of the best employer of the year
Best new entry (the best-rated company participating in the survey for the first time)